Seven Sisters Festival Seven Sisters Festival

Presenter Application


You must upload a photo of correct resolution- 1-5MB = 1000KB-5000KB minimum.


You will receive a text message mid July.

You have 72hrs to accept your position otherwise it will be forfeit.

Also Note: inline with all volunteer tickets, late withdrawal 14 days prior to the festival or absence of attendance to a workshop will result in a loss of a ticket.



There are 7 spaces offering a full timetable of workshops over the 3 days of the festival. These spaces relate to the following topics:

  • ARTS and LEARNINGS – arts and crafts 
  • BODYWISE – dance, movement and yoga
  • THE HUB – main stage- presentations and miscellaneous topics
  • LIFE SKILLS – anything from relationships, business to financial management
  • RITUAL SPACE – prayer, reflection and ritual
  • SACRED SPACE – women’s mysteries and life’s milestones
  • VITALITY TENT health and well being

4-6 workshops will be selected for each space.

Each workshop will run for 1.5hrs and be presented two or three times throughout the festival.

Craft workshops will run once for either a full morning or afternoon (4hrs).  Please structure workshop for large numbers and cater for ease of guests dropping in and out.
We are not allowing follow-up workshops, or part 1 or 2. If you wish to run 2 workshops you must apply twice.
Presenters must be prepared to host a presentation to 150 people, a workshop to 80 people or a discussion group with 45.


General Presenters

  • $110     for presenters offering 1 – 2 workshops
  • $55      for presenters offering  3 workshops
  • $0        for presenters involved in additional aspects of the festival/ arts & craft presenters

Craft facilitators:

  • Craft workshops run for a 4 hour block once over the weekend.
  • Have a budget of $250
  • Activities must be simple and affordable
  • Can accommodate up to 400 participants across a morning or afternoon.
  • Activites ideally will be able to be created within an hour.
  • You will have a large number of guests dropping into and out of your workshop.
  • Laminated hand outs and activities which guests can share and teach each other are ideal.

Presenters can make requests of the festival, however this must be included in the INITIAL application and will be taken into account during selection and cannot be changed later.

Over 200 applications were received last year. Please take heed of our key selection criteria to increase your chances of success. If you have any further questions, please contact our presenter manager Mary Soderiou at:


Please read and edit your application thoroughly as your biography, spiel and photos will be used directly on the website and promotional material. (Changes will not be made to this original format or photo, so please read and select carefully).

Please be specific if you have requirements in regards to transport, food and accommodation. Also kindly let us know if you can or cannot present on a certain day or time.

Please note that participants will not be able to ask for compensation for requirements that they have not sent through in their online application. These late requests will not be considered.


  • New and interesting content or important fundamentals delivered in an innovative way.
  • A clearly articulated and realistic description of what you propose to do in the 1 1/2 hour time slot.
  • A quality image /photo to demonstrate or represent your work.
  • Experience in your field as well as experience with presenting to large groups.
  • Websites, youtube videos or links to specific works.
  • Content that relates specifically to one of our designated spaces.
  • If one of our team has experienced your work, it does improve your chances as we can then vouch for your work (you can send youtube links or post invites to upcoming events and we will try and attend.


  • A low priced festival ticket $110, $55 or complimentary for you and your assistant.
  • An exceptional promotional opportunity to network and be exposed to over 1400 women and over 20,000 that access the SSF website, FB and promotional material.
  • Ability to distribute flyers/ cards or sell books or products post workshop.
  • Exposure to new clients and to promote your work (please bring your business cards as they are often requested).
  • To contribute to this gathering and to share your skills and gifts to a grateful audience.
  • Enjoy all the wonders of the rest of the festival.
WHEN 1st–3rd March 2019 Gates open 07:30 am
WHERE 60 Hearn Rd, Mt. Martha, VIC