About Seven Sisters Festival


Seven Sisters Festival welcomes all women, including: all people who identify as women, women of diverse backgrounds, women of diverse genders and sexes, women of diverse sexualities, women of diverse cultures, beliefs and religions, and women of different abilities.

The Seven Sisters Festival mission is to create a fun, inspiring weekend that stimulates positive change, celebrates sisterhood and the exploration and expression of true self.

Seven Sisters acknowledge that the festival is held on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung people, in the Kulin Nation.

We aspire to change the world, one woman at a time.

Seven Sisters Festival envisions a future where every woman has the inspiration, support, and resources to awaken her full potential. We believe women and girls are the world’s greatest untapped resource. We believe that by empowering women with tools and inspiration to cultivate greater confidence, courage, and self-awareness is the fastest way possible to create global change.


The team at Seven Sisters Festival are motivated to create an inspiring and life-changing experience for everyone within and connected to our festival. We therefore embrace and promote the following values:

Self-Responsibility and Care: We prioritise and promote self-care, self-responsibility and conscious choice. This is where our power and potential resides for cultivating true and sustainable change

Ease and Simplicity: We continuously seek to simplify our structure and processes for the ease, enjoyment and benefit of all. We encourage this approach towards all areas of work and life to intentionally create greater harmony, flow and happiness.

Nurturing of Solutions: We encourage our team and guests to see how every challenge is “On the way, not in the way”, viewing every encounter as an opportunity for improvement and a way to get closer to our goals and dreams

Courage: We encourage all women to exercise courage in extending themselves to learn and implement new ideas, take risks, challenge their perspectives and express their fullest potential

Connection: We seek to nurture deep connection, exploration and celebration of true self, sisterhood and community to inspire authentic expression as well as collaborative and compassionate action for the betterment of all humanity.


During my time of my first exploring the idea of running a women’s festival, the name ‘Seven Sisters’ came to me. It emerged with such strength and energy that I never entertained the idea of another name.

I appreciated the relation to sisterhood, the alliteration—it sounded right, but most importantly, it felt right and carried a ‘strength’ and identity that I believed would embody the festival.

Unbeknown to me, the name was already adorned in a rich and vibrant history relating to the Pleiades star cluster.

These seven stars are a theme of stories and legends relating predominately to women, which are carried by numerous cultures and nations around the world, including the Ancient Greeks, Chinese and the First Nations people of Australia, who hold the Dreamtime story of the Seven Sisters.

I love that the name stimulates reflection of history and meanings, encourages women to share their stories and reminds us all that the light of the Seven Sisters Stars shine down on every women—connecting us all.

– Founder & Director Lauren Woodman

Opening Ceremony- hosted by Ar’weet Carolyn and dancers from Boon Wurrung Country


Seven Sisters Festival’s first and foremost aim is self sustainability without the need for corporate sponsorship. We aim to ensure the vision of the festival can grow and evolve to continue to support future generations of women for years to come.

We do however enjoy supporting others through various means and each year we partner, promote and or support various local and international charities, organisations and groups including

We also provide goodwill tickets to women who have experience financial or emotional hardship or to those who have contributed generously to the community.  See our FAQ page on how to apply.
Do you have a group or organisation you wish to seek support for?
Please feel free to send forth your ideas and we can see if we can assist


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