Seven Sisters Festival aims to deliver

inspiration, support and resources to awaken your full potential.

When first exploring the idea of running a women’s festival, the name ‘Seven Sisters’ emerged with such strength and energy that I never entertained the idea of another name.

I appreciated the relation to sisterhood and the alliteration—it sounded right, but most importantly, it felt right and carried a ‘strength’ and identity that I believed would embody the festival.
Unbeknown to me, the name was already adorned in a rich and vibrant history relating to the Pleiades star cluster.
These seven stars are a theme of stories and legends relating predominately to women, which are carried by numerous cultures and nations around the world, including the Ancient Greeks, Chinese and the First Nations people of Australia, who hold the Dreamtime story of the Seven Sisters. I love that the name stimulates reflection of history and meanings, encourages women to share their stories and reminds us all that the light of the Seven Sisters Stars shine down on every woman—connecting us all.

– Founder and Director Dr. Lauren Woodman

  • 7 inverse triangles the inverse triangle is a symbol for woman – each meeting together as women do at the festival.
  • 3 circles symbolise the cycles of womanhood- Maiden/ Mother/ Crone.
  • The pleiades star cluster throughout the logo reminds us of folk stories, our connection to the stars and our connection to women all over the world.
  • The radiant rays symbolise when women all support each other, it enables us all to shine brighter.

Founder – Lauren Lighting the first ceremonial fire

The Beginning

 In 2011, I attended my first women’s circle and my life changed forever. The experience changed the way I related to myself and other women. It installed a deep pride in being a woman; in appreciating the mysteries of my body and tuning into my inner knowing. It was powerful space to see women building each other up– by connecting, supporting and celebrating each other. The experience of gathering with women to share each other’s stories, wisdom and experiences, felt deep, felt tribal and it connected to a core part of me.

Past Team members – SSF 2015

What I learnt and experienced moved me to want to make this experience accessible to as many women as possible – to create a place to share women’s wisdom and foster that safety, support, and transformation on a larger level. Consequently in 2011 the idea for Seven Sisters Festival was born.

Being 23 years old at the time and full of enthusiasm and naivety, I invested my life savings, every spare hour I had around my full time job, enlisted the help of supportive family and friends who each felt called to share their gifts to the vision and together we ran the first event 5 months later.

SSF Team 2019

Over the last 8 years the event has since called to many women, touching many hearts and changing lives reminding women of their deeper core and sacred centre.

My team and I want to make it possible for every women to be reminded of this deep space and to awaken their full potential.

The Values

The team at Seven Sisters Festival are motivated to create an inspiring and life changing experience for everyone within and connected to our festival. We therefore embrace and promote the following values:


Self-Responsibility and Care: We prioritise and promote self-care, self-responsibility and conscious choice to cultivate sustainable change

Ease and Simplicity: We continuously seek to simplify our structure and processes for the ease, enjoyment and benefit of all.

Nurturing of Solutions: To view every challenge as being “on the way, not in the way”, seeing each encounter as an opportunity for improvement and growth.

Courage:  To exercise courage in learning and implementing new ideas, in taking risks, challenging one’s perspectives and expressing their fullest potential.

Connection:  Nurture connection, exploration and celebration of self and others

Supporting Others

Seven Sisters Festival supports current and future generations of women to ensure the festival, and sisterhood, can grow and evolve for years to come.

Each year we partner, promote and/or support various local and international charities, organisations and groups including Traditional Health Care, Arts to healing, SECASA, Huru International, Somaly Mam Foundation, Boon Wurrung foundation, Bush heritage Australia, Onegirl, Melbourne Rudorf steiner school, Homebirth Australia, The Compassion Project, One billion rising, Hope Healing Circle and others.

We also provide goodwill tickets to women who have experienced financial or emotional hardship or to those who have contributed generously to the community.  See our FAQ page on how to apply.
Do you have a group or organisation you wish to seek support for?

Please feel free to send forth your ideas and we can see if we can assist


Seven Sisters Festival’s is always looking for new partnerships with like-minded organisations.

Does your organisation value:

• Health and well-being
• Women
• Self development
• Spirituality
• Empowerment
• Connection

YES?! Then we have a range of opportunities to allow your organisation to be involved with the festival and we’re always happy to talk about other amazing creative ideas. Lets chat! partnerships@sevensistersfestival.com

Seven Sisters Festival 2020 Partners