Art & Creative Offerings Application


 Seven Sisters Festival is a 3 day women’s wellbeing festival held in the beautiful grounds of Bay Park, Mt Martha.

Apart from the hundreds of workshops focused on health and well being, we offer a wide range of performance, art, healing, markets and other interactive activities. 

Share your unique creative contributions to delight, inspire and connect with the women of Seven Sisters Festival. 



TYPEArt & Other Contributors
OPEN14th June
CLOSING14th August
NOTIFICATION30th September
Art & Other Contributors14th June14th August15th October

PLEASE NOTE: You will be alerted to your application success on 15th October 2019, via email & text message – if successful you have up to 78 hours to accept, or your application will be forfeit.

Artist  Importnat Information

  • We accept all forms of artistic offerings- installation spaces/ art demonstrations/ community art projects/ etc
  • You share with us your ideas and what you need to make it happen – we help out where we can with tickets, finance and finding the perfect location. You organise the rest
  • You come to site to set up your offering ( Tues- Thursday 12pm)  

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot assist with transport or storage or your items before or after the festival. All special requests for support must be made with the original application. Please note- we encourage self sufficiency.

  • Free or cheap festival ticket
  • Possible Financial contribution 
  • Exposure to new clients and the opportunity to promote your work
  • Opportunity to share your skills and gifts to a grateful audience
  • Enjoy the magic of the Seven Sisters three-day festival
  • Yes! You can. You can have your own stall to sell your wares. Please apply on the market stall application page.


Seven Sisters Festival organisers love to support the creativity and ideas of the community.

We have a fixed number of free tickets, reduced tickets and financial  support to assist your artistic ideas and contributions to the festival. Please share your ideas below.

Examples of Art & creative offerings could include :

  • Art installations
  • Community art projects
  • Interactive spaces
  • Retreat spaces
  • Ground decoration or other


  • All applicants must apply online but if you have continued trouble submitting your application, you can e-mail your application to artists@sevensistersfestival.com

We Appreciate 

  •  Self-sufficiency and initiative.
  • Low budget
  • Big impact
  • Clear descriptions and diagrams/ photos of your intention.
  • Having your own Insurance 
  • Clear consideration of practicalities- power requirements, space requirements, transport, safety etc

Seven Sisters Festival is a very detailed festival so the more you can organize without our assistance; the more favourably your application will be received

please note :

If you are creating a space of installation it MUST be fully set up by Thursday 12pm prior to the commencement of the Festival.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at artists@sevensistersfestival.com