Healings & Readings

Healing Haven

Immerse yourself in the peace and healing of the Seven Sisters Festival Healing Haven. We have over 100 Healers and Readers (read Divination Tent info below) ready to broaden your mind, nurture your body and replenish your soul. Book in at the set booking times, bring $15-$20 donation for your healer or reader and enjoy! Check out the list of offerings below – more info available on each healer at the Healing Haven.

MODALITIES INCLUDE:  Shiatsu, Remedial massage, Relaxation massage, Bowen Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure massage, Ka Huna bodywork, Lymphatic Drainage, Lomi-Lomi massage, Aromatherapy massage, Sound healing therapy, Kinesiology, Reiki, Chakra Alignment, Pleiadian lightwork, Shamanic healing, Energy healing, Reflexology, Osteopathy, Chinese medicine balance, Emmett Therapy, Myotherapy and much more.

How to book a session

Guests can arrive at the Healing Haven and Divination Tent Sign up Tent at the following times
to make a booking for the subsequent shift.

Booking times for guests are:

Friday 11.00pm & 2.30pm 

Saturday 7.00am & 1.30pm 

Sunday 8.00am & 11.30am

NB: Guests cannot book in advance. They can only book in for upcoming 2.5hr shift.

Suggested donation $15-20. Goes directly from patron to healer before or after their session.

Divination Space

Gather insights and explore the divination arts at Seven Sisters Festivals’ Divination Tent.
Let our 30+ skilled readers provide guidance and understanding to your questions in the ambiance of our luscious red tent. You will find the divination tent located as part of our healing haven sanctuary village.

MODALITIES INCLUDE: Palm readings, Tarot card readings, Astrology, Past life readings, Psychic readings, Tea Readings, Pendulum divination, Angel card readings, Spiritual life path readings, Aura readings, Numerology and Mediumship.


Healing & Pamper Market 

The Healing and Pamper Market hosts various healing and beauty stalls. 
Stalls located next to the healing haven and throughout the festival grounds. Unlike the healing haven you can book in at the time that suits you best