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Seven Sisters Awaits You Online  

The largest women’s festival in the world has now gone online and we want you to be part of it!

For the past 9 years, we have provided a safe, supportive, and inspiring environment for thousands of women wanting to transform their lives. An important part of our festival was our Healing haven which showcased a variety of therapeutic modalities introducing women to new therapies and services and providing much appreciated guidance and healing at a discounted rate.

We would like to invite you to apply to be one of our featured Healers,

Readers, Coaches or Consultants in our Online Healing Haven. 

We create your advert, promote you and drive our audience of thousands of women directly to your website.

– Feature your modality – Promote your brand & public profile –  Build your business & secure new clients – Make more sales – 

Be part of this exciting new chapter as we go online for our 10th year!


OPEN: Tuesday 14th July 2020

CLOSE: Monday 17th August @ 5pm

NOTIFICATION:  20th August 2020

FESTIVAL: Oct 16th-18th 2020

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FESTIVAL DATES:   Friday 16th- Friday 23rd October 2020 


Each practitioner is required to offer a minimum of 12 sessions for a special Seven Sisters 50% discount off their regular prices. 

Discounts will be available only for bookings made the week of the festival from the 16th-23rd of October. 

Each practitioner will be advertised on our website displaying 1-2 hero photos, description of modality/bio and a direct link to your website. 

Your services will be advertised through a hidden link sent to our online festival participants as well as being promoted through our private online FB group.

Our festival audience (3000+ women) will scroll through our online healing haven and be directed to your website to contact you to make a booking for a physical or online session at a time that suits you both.

MODALITIES:  We accept all types of therapists, coaches, readers, psychics, consultants and more.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: You need a website to participate or a Facebook page at least. The application will require a couple of Hero photos, brief modality description/bio and a website link.

FAVOURABLE CONSIDERATIONS:  Experience in you field, quality photos, an engaging description  

ADVERTISEMENT FEE:  $97AUD or $177 ( if you want access to the online festival’s workshops, healers discounts & recordings) .

PAYMENT PLANS: will be available 

CONTACT: info@sevensistersfestival.com 


  • OPEN: Tuesday 14th  July 2020

  • CLOSE: Monday 17th August 2020 @ 5pm

  • NOTIFICATION:  20th August 2020 

Frequently asked questions


Being involved in the healing haven has never been easier. You are in control of your bookings.

Choose your own hours and work either online on zoom or from your space.

We bring the clients to you.

Payment goes towards administration, marketing and management.

You give us the content and we will design your advert for you and market your business.

Cost is $97 AUD and will give you exposure to an established network of thousand of women to boost your profile and generate leads.

You will also receive access to all the other healing haven specials.

Now you can still partake in Seven Sisters despite physical restrictions.

We have a no refund policy. Please understand that a cancellation involves considerable administrative work from our selection team, graphic and web design team. Consider your commitment when you accept your place. 

  • Quality photos to represent you or your services.
  • A good online website.
  • Online booking systems

If you wish to access the festival on the weekend of Oct 16th -18th to partake in live workshops and receive discounts for online stalls you can partake at a special discounted rate of $80 in addition to your  $97 healers/readers advertising fee.

Total Cost is $177 to advertise your services and be part of the festival

To simply advertise and be part of the healing haven the cost is $97. This includes access to other healers & readers discount specials.

Please contact Rosanna at  info@sevensistersfestival.com 

The example images shown below will represent how your stall advert will look on a phone a tablet. 

No need to design it yourself. Simply provide the copy and photos and we will design it for you. 

Unfortunately not. Once applications are closed at 5pm, the application feature will be removed and no late submissions will be accepted.

You can! Treating 12 people is a minimum to partake in the festival but there is no maximum.

You are welcome to receive as many clients as you like.

Once you are full, you can contact info@sevensistesrfestival.com  and we will update the website to let our audience know that you are booked out.

50% off is the minimum discount to be part of our healing haven. We wish to give women the confidence to book in by lowering the financial barrier. This is a great way to secure new clients.

If you wish to give a further discount, please make note of this in your application form.

We simply direct guests to your website and they book in through your platform (whether that be phonecall, email or online booking system.)

You are in control.

Whether you choose to run consults online through Zoom, Skype or see clients in person at your clinic is up to you. On our Application page, there is an option to state whether you see clients online or on Zoom.

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