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Seven Sisters Awaits

The largest women’s festival in the world has now gone online and we want you to be part of it! 

For the past 9 years, we have provided a safe, supportive, and inspiring environment for thousands of women wanting to transform their lives. 

We are now looking for passionate, experienced and committed presenters  to join Seven Sisters Festival – a WILD explosion of feminine power and creativity; a  diverse collective of women who say “YES” to the journey of self-discovery, conscious awakening and   access their inner creativity & passion; women who Say “YES” to the richness of life, to adventure, to seeking knowledge, resources and an opportunity to EVOLVE as a woman in all aspects of self! 

You are invited to apply to be a featured presenter and host your unique workshop and share your knowledge with thousands of women all over the world 

-Boost your public profile as a leader in your field,  expand your network, build your business and secure new clients –

 Elevate consciousness, transform lives, inspire and ignite the hearts of hundreds of women

 Be part of this exciting new chapter as we go online for our 10th year!


“The festival has been one of the best marketing opportunities for my business. For the commitment fee there has been no comparable action that has boosted my profile, awareness of my business, secured new clients and even gigs in other towns and states. Not to mention I had an amazing weekend. You must experience it!”  

–Cat Pwiti Jungle City Studios

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Tuesday 14th July 2020

CLOSE: Monday 10th August 2020 @ 5pm

NOTIFICATION:  18th August 2020 

FESTIVAL: Oct 16th-18th 2020


FESTIVAL DATES:   Friday16th- Sunday 18th October 2020 

WORKSHOP DURATION: 1hr- 1.5hrs each time slot, with 30minutes between each workshop. You will run your workshop once only. 

WORKSHOP TIMES:  The workshops run AEST – UTC/GMT +10 hours

  • Friday 6pm- 10:30pm
  • Saturday 7am-10:30pm
  • Sunday 7am- 6pm

WORKSHOP TOPICS: Abundance, body image, business, conscious lifestyle, cooking demonstrations, DIY classes, personal development, parenthood, sexuality & dating, health, sexuality, tantra, spirituality, sustainable living, self love, sound healing, mediation, chanting, dance, qigong, women’s health, women’s cycles and milestones, yoga or that special something that you offer. 

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: The application will require head shots, website links, workshop descriptions, personal bios and most importantly a request for a link of a video application explaining how you plan to host your workshop online. This will also allow us to see your set up

FAVOURABLE CONSIDERATIONS: Confidence with your topic as well as presenting on camera, good lighting, professional backdrop and dress. An intro video. Curating your workshop structure understanding that women will be viewing a recording and need to be able to participate by themselves. Also consider that you many have 100+ women in your life presentation, i.e you cannot accommodate group sharing or multiple breakout rooms.

TECH SUPPORT: You will receive individualised briefings prior to your workshop and will have an online assistant to facilitate the technical aspects of the workshop 

RECORDINGS: All online workshops will be recorded and selected workshops will be available after the event in an online course format. 


CONTACT: Mary@sevensistersfestival.com 


  • OPEN: Tuesday 14th July 2020
  • CLOSE: Monday 10th August 2020 @ 5pm
  • NOTIFICATION:  18th August 2020 

Frequent Questions 

Payment goes towards administration, marketing and management, as well as securing your commitment and seriousness in attending the event. Cost is $67 AUD and will give you exposure to an established network of thousand of women to boost your profile and generate leads.

You will also receive a copy of your video for your own use a year after filming.

We have a no refund policy. Please understand that a cancellation involves considerable administrative work from our selection team, graphic and web design team. Consider your commitment when you accept your place

  • Experience being on camera/online with webinars, zoom consults, online classes, youtube etc

  • Content that translates well online

  • A clearly articulated and realistic description of what you propose to do in the time slot

  • A quality image/photo & video to represent your work

  • Experience and confidence in your field of expertise

  • Websites, youtube videos or links to specific examples of your works

  • Applications without an introduction video will not be considered for selection.

  • Workshops that provide value with applicable take home information.

  • Workshops that involved participation- i.e. meditations, getting guests to take notes, answer questions etc.


You will have email support in the lead up.

You will have a one on one zoom meeting with the presenter manager to answer FAQ, discuss your workshop structure, background set up and other practicalities.

You will also have a meeting with your tech support person who will be present with you during your workshop.


You will have a 15 minute meeting immediately prior to your workshop to speak with your Tech support person, to review your requirements, ensure lighting, background and audio visual quality is to satisfaction.


Your tech support assistant will be present for the entire workshop

  • If your connection fails, they will help correct the problem.
  • They will be in charge of recording the session.
  • They will troubleshoot participants with video/audio problems.
  • They will be in charge of assigning people to manual breakout rooms.
  • They can just jog your memory about timing and support you with requests.


You will be gifted access to the Entire collection of recordings post festival via a membership. 

All footage recorded, edited and produced by the festival remains property of the festival to be used at their own discretion.

Presenters get access to their recordings to view but do not get to resell, share or use content created as part of the online festival for other purposes.  A release waiver will be signed prior to committing your involvement. 

If you wish to access the festival on the weekend of Oct 16th -18th to get access to live workshops, discounts for healers, readings and stalls you can partake at a special discount rate of an extra $30 on top of your $67 presenters commitment ticket.

Workshops will be hosted on Zoom and the following are important considerations for quality recording

Microphone: Ensure you have a microphone of some form – this could be as simple as headphones plugged into the computer, or if you have a different microphone that works fantastic. We will be doing a sound check before the workshop starts and guests are invited in.

Camera: We would ideally like you to be at eye level with the camera – so if you’re using a laptop webcam be sure to prop it up so the camera is looking straight on to you rather than up at you on an angle.

Background: We ask that you consider your background – a space that is nice and clean or creative in some way (ie. items that represent your personality or brand within the shot). Please avoid clutter. Simple backgrounds translates best. We will be providing a background image for you to use just in case.

Dress: Best to dress smart and simply. Avoid loud patterns, distracting jewellery which will draw focus away from your message.

Lighting: We would ideally like you to have natural or artifical light on your face – this is the ideal set up for filming. If this is not accessible just ensure you have sufficient lighting to ensure we get a nice crisp shot.

At the end of your presentation, you can invite guests to check out your website to find out more about your offerings or sign up to you mailing list. Please keep this to 1 minute. Let your high quality workshop and usable information sell you. Workshops that are too ‘salesy’ will be excluded from the available recordings. 

Yes, we encourage you to apply multiple times.  Share your ideas with us.  We would love to hear from you.

Yes, you will be able to use screen share and a powerpoint presentation. We will provide you with a powerpoint branded template. If selected you will be given a full breakdown of online capacities available to you and how to use them, screenshare etc.

Your tech support person will assist you with this.

Also consider that you many have 100+ women in your life presentation i.e you cannot accommodate group sharing or multiple breakout rooms.


Please add instructions to the bottom of your workshop description.

I.e. Please bring notebook and pen.

Unfortunately not. Once applications are closed at 5pm, the application feature will be removed and no late submissions will be accepted.

Please contact our Presenter Manager  Mary@sevensistersfestival.com 

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