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Healers Oct 1st 2018 Dec 23rd 2018 Jan 6th 2019


Open… Oct 1st 2018

Closing… Dec 23rd 2018

Notification… Jan 6th 2019

PLEASE NOTE: You will be alerted to your success on the following dates via email and text message – if successful you have up to 78 hours to accept, or your application will be forfeit.

Hello Performer!


Welcome to Seven Sisters Festival an exciting explosion of feminine power and creativity. We are excited to invite you to share your gifts in this unique event; the largest gathering of women in the southern hemisphere. Inspire others and inturn be inspired.

Immerse yourself in an incredible weekend


“The beautiful ladies in that space were SO incredible, so energetically generous, so present, so hungry for release, so wanting to be the best versions of themselves. The conversations and stories that the women came and shared with me afterwards of their own lives were truly phenomenal and heart warming.

“I was in awe and completely humbled and filled with gratitude at the response for my offerings. So much gratitude to have the opportunity to share my gifts with such a warm and receptive audience.”

Healer Important Information

  • All performers must apply online but if you have continued trouble submitting your application, you can e-mail your application to
  • We are open to varied and diverse performances; live music, spoken word, dance, comedy theatre and roving performers.
  • The minimum performance slot time is 20 minutes, but most sets will be 30 – 45 minutes.
  • There are performance slots available for the Friday or Saturday night concerts or roving at the grounds.
  • The event is a camping event and there is no additional cost for a campsite for performers
  • There are however a minimal amount of cabins available and you will have to book a cabin at your own expense, unless you appeal in your application to have accommodation covered, we will reserve a space for you in the performers shared cabin. Limited places available with priority given to interstate guests.

You have up to 78hrs to contact us to accept your place, otherwise your position will be forfeit. Please check your emails and phone for an sms alert in late September.  If you have any further questions, please contact us at

**In case of technical difficulties, save your application in a word document as back up.**

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:

Performer Application



Please note that in order to minimise the problems in scheduling performances, we look more favourably upon performers who are available for the entire duration of the festival and don’t place too many restrictions on their availability.

Please note: content may change due to unexpected circumstances.

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