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Open… Oct 1st 2018

Closing… Dec 23rd 2018

Notification… Jan 6th 2019

PLEASE NOTE: You will be alerted to your success on the following dates via email and text message – if successful you have up to 78 hours to accept, or your application will be forfeit.

Hello Presenter!


Seven Sisters Festival is the largest women’s health and wellbeing event in the Southern Hemisphere gathering an audience of thousands of women amidst an exciting and inspiring 3 days and 3 nights. We take great pride in creating a beautiful, transformative workshop space for you to share your message, wisdom and expertise with an audience of hundreds of eager and receptive women.

“The festival has been one of the best marketing opportunities for my business.  For $120 there has been no comparable action that has boosted my profile, awareness of my business, secured new clients and even  jigs in other towns and states. Not to mention I had a great weekend. You must experience it” – Cat Pwiti  Junglecitystudios

Presenter Important Information


There are 7 spaces offering a full timetable of workshops over the 3 days of the festival. These spaces relate to the following topics:

  • ARTS and LEARNINGS – arts and crafts  ( 8hr workshop – run once with 4 facilitators)
  • BODYWISE – dance, movement and yoga ( 1hr workshop- run 3 times)
  • THE HUB – main stage- presentations and miscellaneous topics (1hr workshop- run 3 times)
  • LIFE SKILLS – any topic from relationships, health to business  ( 30min ted style talk- run 3 times)
  • RITUAL SPACE – prayer, reflection and ritual (1.5hr workshop- run 2-3 times)
  • SACRED SPACE – women’s mysteries and life’s milestones (1.5hr workshop- run 2-3 times)

Lifeskills/ Vitality Space Changes: 

  • Workshop spaces are now combined
  • Open to all topics – please share your wisdom, knowledge and expertise!
  • 30minute Ted Style Talks will run 3 times over the weekend.
  • Talks will be filmed on 1 of the days, to be made available to broader audiences as an online festival.
  • Find out more here

Craft facilitators: 

  • Craft workshops run for an 8 hour block once over the weekend.
  • A room facilitator will be present throughout the day
  • A budget of $500 for materials & 4 FREE facilitator tickets
  • 2 Facilitators must be present at any one time
  • Activities must be simple and affordable
  • Activites ideally will be able to be created within an hour.
  • A 15minute briefing on the hour is required and then assistants if required
  • You will have a large number of guests dropping into and out of your workshop.
  • Laminated hand outs and activities which guests can share and teach each other are ideal.
  • Can accommodate up to 500 participants across a day.

We are not allowing follow-up workshops, or part 1 or 2. If you wish to run 2 workshops you must apply twice.

Presenters must be prepared to host a presentation for up to 400 people, a workshop for up to 200 people


Please read and edit your application thoroughly as your biography, spiel and photos will be used directly on the website and promotional material. (Changes will not be made to this original format or photo, so please read and select carefully).

Please be specific if you have requirements in regards to transport, food and accommodation. Also kindly let us know if you can or cannot present on a certain day or time.

Please note that participants will not be able to ask for compensation for requirements that they have not sent through in their online application. These late requests will not be considered.

  • New and interesting content or important fundamentals delivered in an innovative way.
  • A clearly articulated and realistic description of what you propose to do in the time slot.
  • A quality image /photo/video to represent your work.
  • Experience in your field as well as experience with presenting to large groups.
  • Websites, youtube videos or links to specific works.
  • Content that relates specifically to one of our designated spaces.

Payment goes towards administration, marketing and management, as well as securing your commitment and seriousness in attending the event.

  • $120    for a presenters tickets
  • $0        for presenters involved in additional aspects of the festival ( performance etc) or Arts & Craft presenters (to further compensate craft material costs)

Presenters can make requests of the festival, however this must be included in the INITIAL application and will be taken into account during selection and cannot be changed later.

  • One of the best promotional opportunities for you and your business for $120.
  • Build status and professional reputation
  • A guaranteed large audience
  • An exceptional opportunity to network
  • Be exposed to over 2500 women and over 40,000 that access the SSF website, FB and promotional material.
  • Ability to distribute flyers/ cards or sell books or products post workshop.
  • Exposure to new clients and to promote your work (please bring your business cards as they are often requested).
  • To contribute to this gathering and to share your skills and gifts to a grateful audience.
  • Enjoy all the wonders of the rest of the festival.

**In case of technical difficulties, save your application in a word document as back up.**

If you have any further questions, please contact our presenter manager Mary Soderiou at:

Performer Application


Over 300 applications were received last year. Please take heed of our key selection criteria to increase your chances of success. If you have any further questions, please contact our presenter manager Mary Soderiou at:

Please note: content may change due to unexpected circumstances.

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