Festival Updates



This affects us all!

Our country has faced the fiercest bushfires we have ever seen resulting in uncountable tragedies, which have made us question the changes that we need to implement as a country.

There have been several changes across the festival industry to increase patron safety with many events being cancelled this summer.

 Seven Sisters is no different and increased fire risks and regulations have demanded recent changes to our festival operations to ensure we can meet safety standards.

What does this mean?

  • Limited Onsite car passes
  • Separation of parking and camping
  • An external carpark 8 minutes away and a shuttle bus system to transport guests and their luggage to the site who don’t have a car pass already. 
  • Our festival community finding ways to do more for the planet.
These challenging time calls for us all to work together as a community, despite any inconvenience,  where safety for all is our driving force.
We thank you for your patience and understanding at these challenging times.

 We have included answers to all your FAQ below.

Please note that this year’s parking challenges are a one-off and the next Seven Sisters will be held at a new site.

Frequently Asked Q’s


  • 1. Carpool with someone who has an internal carpass or offer a lift or find someone on our carpooling page to travel with. FB PAGE LINK HERE.

    2. Buy a shuttle bus ticket (includes external car park levy) ($10) at bottom of page .  This includes your parking and multi-day use of the shuttle. All people who don’t have an onsite carpass or who are car pooling with a friend, need to park in the external carpark at the Briars ( 450 Nepean Hwy-Mt Martha) and will take a shuttle bus into the site. Shuttle buses will have trailers which will carry your gear you will be dropped off with your gear into the Eucalyptus camping zone. For the speed of the buses there is 1 drop off point only.  Must be pre-purchased online – there is no cash sales at the Briars Car park. Each passenger MUST pre-purchase a shuttle bus pass. 

    3. Sign up to Ticketswap to be alerted if a car levy is available for purchase. They have a waiting list option – so if you are looking for tickets, sign up to be notified when someone lists a ticket for sale. Head to the Ticketswap page to sell, buy and put yourself on the waitlist. Click here.  


Please email info@sevensistersfestival.com detailing your situation. We have a set number of onsite car passes available for purchase for special circumstances only. 

More FAQ’s

Yes you can if you have an internal car pass already. Car and van parking is separate from general camping, so you can sleep in your car but it will be in the carpark area. This is not far from general camping (10-50meters). If you have health, mobility concerns or are travelling interstate and need to sleep in your van please email us at info@sevensistersfestival.com 

The shuttle bus will come approximately every 15minutes in peak periods and in low periods every hour. If you ever need to leave urgently please contact the info tent staff or go directly to the staff at the bus stop for assistance. 

If you are staying off site, please park at the external carpark at The Briars 450 Nepean Hwy to be shuttled in by our buses. If you are in walking distance you can also walk and enter via the main gate on Hearn Road or Dragon Gate on Hearn Rd. Mt Martha.  

ONSITE CAR PARK – yes, you will be able to access your car.

EXTERNAL CAR PARK- yes, but you will have to travel to and from the site in the shuttle bus. We suggest you bring everything you need with you.

Just like any situation where you will leave your car unattended, we encourage you to take all valuables with you.

Best option is to find someone to carpool with on our FB PAGE.  Unfortunately due to restrictions with gate sizes we can only offer Shuttle bus drop off to the Eucalypt campgrounds. If you are a Mum with a Baby and need to camp in the Mums & Bubs campground – please email us at info@sevensistersfestival.com and we will arrange a solution for you.

   The Bus will be available from 2pm Thursday – Sunday 9pm.


There will be bus co-ordinators present at the bus stops to give you life updates on times.

Bay Park is 8 minutes drive from site.

You will be dropped off and collected from the Eucalypt campground bus stop.

We have 5 buses operating at Peak times 

THURSDAY (12th March) 8am-9pm
8:30am-1pm(traders) Departs every 30-40mins
1-9pm Departs every 15-20mins
FRIDAY (13th March) 7:30-11:30pm
Shift Bus leaving
7:30-3pm Departs every 15-20mins
3pm-11:30pm Departs every 30-40mins
SATURDAY (14th March)-7:30-11:30pm
Shift Bus leaving
7:30-11:30pm Departs every 30mins
SUNDAY (15th March)-7:30-9:00pm
  Bus leaving
7:30am-12pm Departs every 30-40 mins
12pm-9pm Departs every 15-20mins


If you purchased a $30 car levy with your ticket, than this will gain your car entry and parking inside the festival grounds. You will have received this ticket through ticketbooth.

Please email info@sevensistersfestival.com detailing your situation. We have a set number of onsite car passes available for purchase for special circumstances only.

There are buses leaving every 30-40 minutes from 8am-12pm and then every 15minutes thereafter on the Sunday.

If you ever need to leave urgently please contact the info tent staff or staff at the bus stop for assistance. 

No, need to book a time but you do need to purchase a $10 multi-pass shuttle bus & external car park ticket and  simply turn up to the bus stop at the Briars or the Eucalpt campgrounds and hop on the bus.  

At this stage, all internal car passes are sold out but we do have car passes available for special circumstances only, such as disability, pregnancy etc. If you feel this applies to you, please email us at info@sevensistersfestival.com 

If you ever need to leave urgently please contact the info tent staff or go directly to the staff at the bus stop for assistance. 

No, the external car park is a one off. This is our last year at Bay Park. The next event will be held at a new site which will have ample space for parking, camping and much more. Your car pass will be included in your ticket price.  We are also organising the layout to ensure close proximity of car parks to camping zones for greatest ease and convenience.



Helping the plaent

One of the main feedback points last year was the desire to increase compost options and reducing waste, so we have partnered with B-Alternative – an environmentally pro-active waste management company and we are replacing all single use disposable cutlery, plates and cups with reusable options with an onsite wash station.

With the help of both B-alternative and you, we will reduce our onsite waste by 80%. We are also composting all food scraps generated onsite, which will be used to nourish garden beds at our new site.

$10 (please bring cash) will be collected by B-alternative staff on arrival and exchanged for 2 wrist bands. These wristbands will be exchanged with a food vendor who will supply reusable sporks, bowl and/or coffee cups. When you return your reusables to a wash station, you will receive another wristband. $5 will be refunded on return of your wristbands at the end of the festival. 

You also have the option to donate your $5 which will be split between CFA, wildlife Victoria or Tree planting for the new site.

We are proud to be able to include this option this year. 

Please note, for ease, all future tickets will be 3 nights and the fees for the reusable wash station, car levy and Thursday night camping will be included in all future tickets prices.

Simple and easy! Just one of the many improvements for future years. 

At the gate, you will need $10 cash to purchase your wristbands from B-alternative (you’ll get 2). Please bring cash.

You will exchange one wristband when you purchase food or beverages and the vendors will give you plates/cups /spork etc.

When you return your cups/plates back to the wash station, you receive another wristband for your next food or beverage purchase.

At the end of the festival you will receive a $5 refund when you return your wristbands (2) to the wash station. If you are a volunteer you receive a full refund.

(OR you can donate this $5 which will be distributed in the following way:

  • 30% – tree planting at the new Seven Sisters Festival site,
  • 35% – CFA VIC
  • 35% Wildlife Victoria. We thank you for your cooperation to help Seven Sisters reduce waste.

This is an additional service, which is run by multiple staff and involves hiring extra facilities to make it all possible. It is a late addition to this years festival but an important one and after the recent fires we wanted to make sure we are making helpful changes for the planet now and want your support to do the same.

Next year the costs for the Rent-a-kits will be included in the ticket price and you will receive your wristbands automatically on arrival.

This will be a continual service we provide each year as we work towards being a zero waste event.

Go to the wash station and pay $5 for a refund. 

Yes however we still will require the $10 contribution to ensure all items get cleaned properly and we do need to make sure the bowls and plates are similar sizes to the stalls.

Yes the wash machines we use are commercial grade (same as restaurants). The dishes and cups we provide are food grade.

Final Ticket Release Is Finally Here

Waitlist guests, it is finally time to release the final 100 tickets & 50 day passes.
Please note these 100 tickets are 3 day/3 night tickets and includes your shuttle bus and external car park ticket. You will need to park at the External Car Park and take the shuttle bus in with your tent, unless you can carpool with a friend or guest who already has an internal car pass.










$200 – Day Pass 8am-11:30pm

Includes Program, shuttle bus & external car park ticket.

$200 -Day Pass 8am-11:30pm

Includes Program,shuttle bus & external car park ticket.

$400- 3 Night Pass (Thur-Sun)

Includes Program, shuttle bus & external car park ticket and Onsite camping fees.

For general ticketing questions – please go to our FAQ. Please note there are no payment plan options on the pre-event final release of tickets.