Volunteer Application

Hey Volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in applying to volunteer at

Seven Sisters Festival Spring 2020 – an exciting explosion of feminine power and creativity.

We are excited to invite you to be part of the crew for this unique event; the largest gathering of women in the southern hemisphere. Join us Thursday 1st – Sunday 4th October 2020. 

Inspire others and in turn be inspired. 

Seven Sisters Festival is a three day festival, to be held at our new site in beautiful Seymour Region. Apart from the hundreds of workshops focused on health and wellbeing, we offer a wide range of performance and entertainment, art, a healing haven and divination tent and lots of market and food stalls. For more info on the festival – check the what’s on page. To apply to volunteer find out more below




PLEASE NOTE: Successful applicants will be issued a Volunteer Ticket.
Pre-purchased tickets to the event will be required to be on-sold by each individual.


There are numerous positions across the festival to be supported by volunteers.
These roles include but may not be limited to:

  • Information Tent: help answer questions from guests.
  • Cleaning and Grounds Management: management of ground bins, compost fairies and bathroom tidying.
  • Office assistance: assisting in one of our office spaces (printing, & general office admin.
  • Bathroom crew : restocking toilet paper, ensuring bathrooms are neat & tidy.
  • Healing haven : booking in sessions for guests, assisting healers and readers.
  • Distribution: get equipment and people to where they need to be.
  • Camp site management: help organise the campgrounds, directing campers & guests.
  • Runners: can do anything, relieve other roles, admin and errands.
  • Catering: helping feed our crew.
  • Set up/Pack up Crew: assist with unpacking and distribution of gear/preparing site grounds and cabins. Starting from 4 days prior to event to 1 day after the event.

Volunteer Important Information & FAQ’s

  • Please note: This process will be updated for the Spring 2020 event. 
    You cannot enter the event, as a volunteer, on a pre-purchased patron ticket.
    No refunds will be issued to volunteers who enter on a pre-purchased patron ticket.
    If you have been accepted to volunteer and have pre-purchased a ticket to the event you will be personally responsible for on-selling your pre-purchased ticket.
  • Successful volunteers will be given the opportunity to secure their position, upon which time a Volunteer Ticket will be issued.

Volunteering at Seven Sisters is a program whereby you exchange your time for a Volunteer Ticket, which gives you access to the event and camping.

The below timeline indicates the forecasted dates of execution for volunteers;

Applications open: 1st October 2019
Confirmations start: Ongoing from 9th December 2019
Roster release: From 21st February 2020

All volunteers will need to apply and be approved to participate.
To confirm your involvement you will be asked to complete the Volunteer Agreement, after which time you are committed to the program, and will be generated a Volunteer Ticket which you will use to enter the event.

Please note, all volunteers will be required to provide their own tent, bedding etc.
In some cases meals will be provided to participants. This will be clarified for you upon confirmation of your engagement.


  • Camp site management (Help organize the campgrounds, directing campers & guests)
  • Information Tent: Help answer Q’s for guests
  • Cleaning and Grounds Management (management of ground bins and bathroom tidying)
  • Office assistance: assisting in one of our office spaces (printing, & general office admin)
  • Bathroom crew (restocking toilet paper, ensuring bathrooms are neat & tidy)
  • Healing haven (booking in sessions for guests, assisting healers and readers)
  • Distribution (get equipment and people to where they need to be)
  • Runners (can do anything, reprieve other roles, admin, errands)
  • Catering helping feed our crew
  • Set up/Pack up Crew (assist with unpacking and distribution of gear/preparing site grounds and cabins. Starting from 4 days prior to event to 1 day after event)

Want more responsibility or have skills or experience in the following areas?

Decor, Photography, counseling, massage, event management –>
Please email volunteers@sevensistersfestival.com

1. General Volunteer positions

  • A General Volunteer position generally requires you to complete 12 hours of volunteering over the event in exchange for your Volunteer Ticket.
  • Your volunteer ticket gives you full access to the festival, camping and offsite parking.

2. Set-Up & Pack-Down positions

  • Build/Break roles generally require you to participate in a minimum of 18 hours across your engaged dates of volunteering.
  • Some roles may require fewer or more hours depending on the engagement and skills required and will be confirmed by the volunteer manager upon engagement.
  • Set Up & Pack Up Volunteers are NOT required to work during the festival.
  • Set Up & Pack Up Volunteers will be provided meals on the days they’re engaged to work, and gives you access to the campgrounds and full event program across the festival.

In 2020 engaged volunteers will be generated a Volunteer Ticket at the cost of a $10 non-refundable payment. As such, volunteers will need to enter the event on this ticket.
Refunds will not be provided for pre-purchased tickets to the event.

Any pre-purchased tickets will need to be on-sold by the Volunteer.

For more information regarding ticket on-selling please review the information as provided on the event’s FAQ page.

  • Network & make friends
  • Pump up your resume
  • Gain skills & experience
  • Enjoy the community
  • Contribute to something worthwhile.
  • A Volunteer Ticket in exchange for your time participating with us
  • Enjoy the magic of the Seven Sisters three-day festival

Applications can be submitted from 1st October 2019.
Applications may be closed from 14th of January 2020, pending the event’s requirements.

After that it will still be possible to apply for the waitlist.

If a spot opens up we will contact you.

The Volunteer Agreement is our new engagement process for volunteers for 2020.
This process establishes accountability on participants whereby they make a nominal payment to signify their commitment to the event.

This payment agrees to the terms and conditions of your engagement, whereby if you fail to complete your required shifts/time exchange, you will be required to pay for the full price of a Round 3 ticket of $339 plus a $100 administration fee.

This process establishes equity and convenience to participants as a Volunteer Ticket will be issued to you within 2 weeks of the event.

If you have any further queries regarding the Volunteer Agreement, please email the volunteer manager at volunteers@sevensisterfestival.com 

This year we are faced with the reality that all staff and volunteers will be required to park offsite for the festival. There will be a process, clarified closer to the event, whereby volunteers may be able to arrive early to arrive and unload their gear before having to relocate their vehicle to an offsite location. All vehicles must be off site by 6pm on Wednesday 11 March, no exceptions. Vehicles will be towed.
During the event, site access may be limited, but we will provide a shuttle bus to have you and your possessions ferried to the festival site.

We are asking all volunteers and staff to carpool where possible, we have created a facebook group for staff and volunteers to carpool.
A link to this group will be provided to you upon successful application.

If your queries have not been answered in these FAQs or via the event’s FAQs please email our volunteer manager at volunteers@sevensistersfestival.com.

*In case of technical difficulties, save your application in a word document as back up.**
Questions? Please contact volunteers@sevensistersfestival.com